Soy Army
Wed, Feb 9, 2011

delays Thu, Oct 21, 2010
hello friends. quite a while with no word from me, again. while I do enjoy leaving people in suspense, I guess I should go ahead and fill you in on what's happening. I'm currently out of the country until november 1st, without a scanner, which means updates will be light until then, and by that I mean there will be none until then.

sit tight! that day is soon upon us! or something.

hello again Mon, Sep 6, 2010
if you are a noticer of things, surely you noticed the sizable gap in issues over the last month. this is a direct result of two things: sleep deprivation (purely experimental), and several other little projects that i keep bothering myself to finish. i can be so annoying sometimes.

rest assured, a series of updates are upon us. well timed and elegantly spaced out, like a symphony, only completely different and not like one at all. you'll have to make up some new word for it or something. i'm kind of tired.

a post appears Thu, Jul 8, 2010

c( ... c)

christmas in july Mon, Jun 7, 2010
your present is a slightly overdue comic!

yes Sun, May 30, 2010
my brain made what you might call an "oopsie" this week and insisted on doing a full page instead of a four panel. needless to say, it will be awesome, but it will not be posted until monday.

rest assured, i will punish my brain accordingly later this week with some mindless marathon gaming coupled with a few sessions of heavy drinking.

gas brake honk Tue, May 18, 2010
so i'm postponing this week's comic until next sunday to get back on the proper schedule. no more of this it-says-sunday-but-its-actually-tuesday business.

apologies anyway, several things have been keeping me very busy.


the snacking hour Tue, May 4, 2010
yes, late. i'm gonna make it up to you, though.

related note: there is a very, very obscure reference in this strip that i'm sure no one will get.

yes Wed, Apr 28, 2010
well, tuesday came and tuesday went.

new comic on sunday. i promise ;)

hey green river Sat, Apr 24, 2010
there's a very good chance that the next comic will not be ready in time for tomorrow so i'm going to go ahead and postpone it until tuesday.

nothing personal guys, just a lot of working and bill-paying lately. who knows? maybe i'll get a second wind somewhere in the next few hours ( ._.)

happy egg day Sun, Apr 4, 2010
no comic until tomorrow.

sorry friends, but it's EASTER

week eight Sat, Mar 27, 2010
this one is very easter-y. in the way that easter m&ms are eastery. i didn't do it on purpose, i swear.

an update Sun, Mar 14, 2010
sorry, this is a bit late.

no soy army until tuesday (3/16). it's been a very busy week for me, friends.

i swear i'm not relapsing.

hey there stranger Sun, Feb 21, 2010
this project was dead once.

it is dead no longer. and won't be again, if i have anything to do with it.

new comic on sunday.

so... what've you been up to?

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